Game of Thrones S7E3 Recap: The Queen’s Justice

This synopsis contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 3: The Queen’s Justice. If you haven’t seen it (and don’t want important plot points butchering like Theon Greyjoy), watch it before reading this recap!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice Recap

The start of episode three, The Queen’s Justice, offered Game of Thrones fans something they’d been waiting to see since the early days of the show – ice and fire being brought together.

If fans were hoping the two would become friends overnight (or more if you consider Jon’s possible heritage and what you hear about Targaryen dating circles) you were to be disappointed however as relations between the North and Dragonstone got off to a spiky start.

It looked as if Jon would be in for a warm reception as hand of the king, Tyrion, greeted him and began to lead him towards the keep. We soon saw the former-Lord Commander was in for a tough time however as he and his crew were relieved of their weapons, saw their transport taken away and Jon was subjected to Tyrion’s awkward revelation that he had never consummated his marriage to Sansa (didn’t cross my mind until you told me, Tyrion, but thanks for the image).

After Missandei reeled the long list of Daenerys’ titles and Davos responded by introducing Jon like a university coursemate, the pair got to discussing a potential alliance. Unfortunately, the queen’s demand that Jon bend the knee and the King in the North’s stubbornness in talking only about the White Walkers meant talks were less than constructive. They were also brief, as Varys delivered the news on the Ironborn’s terrible loss at sea.

As Theon washed up on a ship of fellow Ironborn, we saw his sister being paraded through Kings Landing as a traitor by Euron Greyjoy. A worse Uncle than one who steals the last green Quality Street at Christmas (you know who you are), the Crow’s Eye revelled in the adulation of the cheering capital crowd as he pulled poor Yara along by a chain along with the Sand Snakes. He was duly rewarded for his victory at sea by being named commander of the Crown’s navy, as well as being given free reign of where his finger goes once the war is won (as long as it’s not near the Quality Street).

Cersei strikes major victory in the Game of Thrones

We were then left to see how Cersei enjoys her “gifts”; the captive Ellaria and Obara Sand. While at first it seemed like the real punishment was having to witness an alarming shade of lipstick, we soon saw it was part of the Queen’s vicious plan to poison Obara with a kiss and force the chained Ellaria to watch as her daughter died in agony before rotting away before her very eyes. It was a emotional scene, particularly thanks to Indira Varma’s powerful turn as the devastated mother, and the fact that such feeling came from what is most likely one of the final Sand Snake scenes shows how much potential was missed in that story arc.

Cersei is soon back in her love den with Jaime – a little too quickly after wearing that lipstick for our liking (we don’t need another Theon) – and seems to have no longer have any qualms flaunting her incest before a meeting with the Iron Bank. Speaking of true love, Sam’s squeamish procedure on Jorah seems to have done the trick as the Archmaester pronounces him cured, and the grizzled Set Friendzoned immediately heads back to his Queen.

Returning to Dragonstone as well, we finally see the beginnings of a relationship between Jon and Dany. After Tyrion practically plays Hangman with Jon about what he should ask for (“DR_G_NGL_SS” – ask for a bloody vowel, Jon!) the Queen of Dragons allows him to mine the island for the weapons as Sam had told him and help turn the tide in the war against the dead.

Sansa, meanwhile, is looking very at home leading Winterfell as she organises provisions and armour for her people before she is distracted by the return of her brother, Bran. No doubt haunted by his journey and his task as the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran appears a bit detached from the situation, going as far as reciting Sansa’s horrific wedding night with Ramsey by telling her how pretty she looked. As his creeped-out sister retreated, Bran said he’ll stay a while – as if he has a choice in the matter.

The attack on Casterly Rock

As we enter the final act, Tyrion reveals his master plan to take Casterly Rock by revealing what can only be described as a ‘love sewer’ for Grey Worm and a splinter team to sneak up on the Lannister army and open the front gate. It’s an interesting five-minute scene with the most action in the episode, but we can’t help but wish the taking of such an iconic area had been given more screen time despite the budgetary and time constraints. Grey Worm is successful but realises it is a trap as he finds less resistance as expected while Euron and his ships close in from the outside.

That’s because Jaime has taken his troops to take Highgarden, winning a large reserve of gold and capturing one of this lovers’ enemies, Olenna Tyrell, in one fell swoop.

Olenna Tyrell has the last word

Even as the defeated Olenna drinks the poison Jaime gives her to spare a painful death, the Queen of Thrones gets one last burn in and tells him she killed his son. It’s another heartbreak for Jaime, who seems to be doomed to be hit with tragedy rarely through no wrongdoing of his own throughout the series.

It’s an interesting scene not only for the death of a major player in the Game of Thrones, but as it shows a potential arc on another character who’s development has stalled over the last couple of seasons. Not only did he show humility by learning from his defeat to Robb Stark at the Whispering Wood to prove himself a capable commander, but it may also be the first signs of disillusionment in his toxic relationship to Cersei after years of pining after her like a lost, one-handed puppy.

With all the victories and crush enemies Cersei is savouring at the moment, she may want to keep her eye a little closer to home should she want to stay on the Iron Throne.

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