Ed Sheeran Plans Change to Gas Form with Next Album

Ed Sheeran has confirmed rumours he will change his physical state from a solid to gas form when his next album is released in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The musician has enjoyed an incredible year with latest album ‘÷’ reaching number one, a headline performance at Glastonbury plus an appearance on Game of Thrones.

Ed Sheehan in his current, solid form.

But Sheeran has new plans for his next release after claiming he has gone as far as possible in humanoid form.

He told NME in a recent interview: “I feel like there’s no room for me to progress as just a man with a guitar, so I’m experimenting with some new things at the moment and hopefully taking a different direction.

“It’ll be a lot of hard work, rearranging my particles to reach a gaseous form, but I’m looking forward to reinventing myself and getting out into the atmosphere.”

When quizzed about the difficulties of playing live shows without any hands, limbs or tangible body, Sheeran seemed unfazed, simply responding: “You’d be surprised how much you can manage with a loop pedal nowadays.”

Industry expert Jamie Bridges claimed this move could make Sheeran the biggest popstar of all time and that he wouldn’t be surprised if others soon followed suit.

“By leaving his body behind and changing fully into gas form, Ed would be able to reach people’s homes in a way nobody has managed before.

“We hear his music all the time and have obviously seen him on the tele. But imagine smelling him, even tasting him at his gigs. Kanye West has actually tried turning himself into liquid himself recently, but gas is what everyone should be aspiring for.”

Kim Kardashian West helping Kanye into the car ahead of the 2017 Grammy awards.

Sheeran’s has teased a clip of his latest single ‘Shapeless Form of You’ on Instagram and also hopes to continue his television career by collaborating with a gas cooker on The Great British Bake Off.


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