I started this blog after what most people would – quite accurately I may add – call a ‘quarter-life crisis’.

After leaving university with a degree, mild hangover and a sizeable debt I asked myself the same question I assume 90% of people do at that stage – what the hell do I do now?

The answer was, apparently, teaching. I worked in my local school for three years and almost ended up going the whole hog and doing the full training. A lifetime of working with children beckoned. Have you ever worked with children? Half of them are horrible.

That being said I did enjoy my time but eventually decided my real passion was writing, hence quitting my job and starting a blog around a decade or so after blogs blew up. As I was barely working at the time and didn’t have any idea what form said writing would take, I settled on the highly original and clever name of Barely Working Title.

That’s basically a couple of hundred words of waffle explaining the many more hundreds of words of waffle you see before you.

Enjoy the waffles, guys.